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Other classes I have attended were just a movie and a test. It is nice to have someone explain whatever you do not understand. Our trainer was into the material and it was very evident that there is a passion for this topic.

Michael Decoteau
Land Air Express

I have taken several Train-the-Trainer classes and this one was the best. The instructor knew the material and was able to generate good class participation.

Debra Bowie
Coca-Cola North America

This was a more in depth class and it helped me to learn why regulations are in place and how to comply.

Justin Dupaix
Packaging Corporation of America

Great Class, the instructor was friendly, knowledgeable, thorough and easy to understand.

Nora Johnson

Nice environment for learning, open to questions whenever they came up. Refreshing to have a trainer that is energetic and outgoing about workplace safety.

Bubby Duteau
Ace Hardware

Great class for those beginning and updating safety programs, the materials are user friendly and very informative.

Jim Dotten
Littleton Farm & Garden

This class dealt with up to date information and relevant day-to-day issues. I was pleased to attend and gained some excellent pointers for future presentations.

Joe Dailey
Crystal Warehouse

Well done, informative and kept my attention. Trainer was to the point, funny and knowledgeable.

Bryan Burchfield
Home Depot

This class moved along well, good video presentation, good sense of humor, knows the subject and good pace to the class.

Frank Rei
Quebecor World Paint

Informative, interactive and easy to follow. Our teachers method of training was comfortable and animated to keep us on our toes.

Robert Bejar
Nestle USA


This class differed from other classes for me because this was the first class the instructor was training another instructor. I liked the support our trainer gave us, overall this was an upbeat and informative course."

Gerald Campagna Jr.
Garden Fresh Salsa




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